Introductory Pricing $1899 SALE from $2299

The Angelic Featherlite Power Chair is the lightest wheelchair on the market. Weighing only 33 lbs. with the battery! Its durable magnesium alloy frame is strong enough to hold 265 lbs. of passenger weight. The Featherlite folds from the sides – it’s upright so, you won’t need to bend down and pick it up.

The controller can be mounted on either arm or up on the push bar behind the passenger. This allows a person to walk behind and steer the wheelchair. The motors can be disengaged to allow wheelchair to be easily pushed.

The Featherlite has two powerful 200W motors that can pull many times the weight of a passenger and it’s a good hill climber. It can go over most terrains and even safe on rainy days.

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